Turkish Vegetarian Food

Culinary Choices, About Turkish Vegetarian Food

Turkish cuisine is generally not considered a delicious vegetable dish. When it comes to Turkish cuisine, lamb roasts cooked on a large fire, or shashlik – small lamb cooked on rotating iron skewers – come before people’s eyes. Tourists return to their countries with such spears from dozens of Istanbul’s markets.

The Turks also love vegetable dishes.
Many dishes of Turkish cuisine, which are carefully seasoned with herbs, are known. We can definitely say that Turkish food is the tastiest. Many plants are prepared with the utmost care.



Turkey is a meat-loving country that is also a vegan paradise. We had moments when we only found kebab shops, but the Turks also love their vegetables and eat many meat-free dishes. The stuffed dish, known as dolma, is the most delicious variety of meat used for various types of vegetables. Tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, artichokes and celery are used to prepare this dish, as well as grape leaves, cabbage and other vegetables, which are softened by boiling in water. also wrapped leaves.
This type of chard is a broadleaf plant. However, Turkish cuisine is also known for its cold dishes, known as Dolma, when the same vegetables are stuffed without meat.

The mortar consists of rice, chopped onions (dry or fresh), a few stalks of chopped herbs and black pepper and cinnamon for added flavour. Pine nuts and redcurrants are indispensable ingredients. Add olive oil to this mixture, fill the stuffing or wrap and wrap the rice well and cook over low heat until all the juice has been pulled. Such vegetable fillings and wraps are always served at room temperature, never too hot or too cold.

There are also home-made dishes called burrito, which every good chef likes to cook.
Some varieties may be ground beef, but most are made with raw eggs and chopped vegetable leaves mixed with soft feta cheese. People who are fully vegetarian may not have cheese and eggs, as chard, turnip and spinach leaves and chopped onions do the same. Sometimes these donuts are made with lentils, chickpeas and mashed potatoes.

Another group of Turkish dishes are vegetable dishes prepared in olive oil at room temperature, a constant meal of many housewives. Both dried and fresh vegetables are cooked with chopped onions and tomatoes and seasoned with fresh parsley or dill.