Turkish Vegetable, Sebzeliler

Turkish Vegetable / Sebzeliler food

When it comes to Turkish cuisine, one can imagine kebabs that smell of food. When you come back to eat, you will probably come from meatballs that are made according to a different legend in each region. At the moment, however, we cannot supply enough vegetables that have a different and delicious place in Turkish cuisine. While we have a variety of meat and meatless dishes that are rich in vitamins, colored vegetables are turning into masterpieces. Why not show off, why not invite them to our table anymore?

Olive oil is almost as old as the first people living in Anatolia. The Turks who came to Asia from Asia met with olive oil and Eastern Roman cuisine and gained a good reputation by developing our olive oil dishes, which form a separate title section by passing through the countries that know olive oil. Olive oil is made from very tasty olives grown in Anatolia. Southern Marmarara, the Mediterranean coast of Antep, the Kilis regions and the olive oil grown in these regions are used very frequently, and the selection of olive oil has also led to meat. Vegetable dishes with olive oil are the most attractive forms of cold dishes. Cold cafes, cold starters are available in many variations.

Vegetable dishes with olive oil are also prepared in three ways: They are all prepared from raw food, especially for health reasons. Vegetables are prepared by roasting onions and other used foods.
One portion is roasted and one portion is added without cooking.

Below we have written some Vegetable food names for you in Turkish and English and also added a recipe.