Turkish Börek, Pastry

Turkish Börek (Pastry) Culture

Lahmacun, meatbread, pita, ravioli and pastries are among the most popular bakery products in Turkish cuisine. If rice and pasta are also included in this class, there is a great variety. Lahmacun and Pitta are usually cooked in restaurants by baking. Due to the great popularity of these dishes, Lahmacun and Pita halls have emerged that specialize in this topic. Pastries can be prepared both at home and in restaurants. By baking or frying a variety of baked goods can be made. There are also pastry shops specializing in pastries. Minced meat, cheese, potatoes and spinach are among the most common burritos. The pastries prepared in the houses are prepared using ready-made dough or flour dough. Water biscuits, which are very elaborate to prepare, are a type of pastry that has to be used after the dough has been boiled in water.

One of the indispensable ingredients of rich Asian cuisine. According to the participants; You can choose from minced meat, cheese, parsley cheese, spinach, potatoes, aubergines, zucchini, roasted chicken. In contrast, pastry recipes are quite numerous. According to their form and structure; Water pastry, arm pastries, puff pastry, Cheese pastry, puff pastry, cup pastry, Burmese pastry, thin pastry, pastries, Rubber pastry, Onion pastry, Baked bakery, Dumplings, Paçanga pastries, Tray pastry, Milk pastry, Amulet pastry, Sweet chestnuts, Traber pastry, Dry pastry, Roll pastry, Chickpea pastry, Leek pastry, Spread pastry, sawdust pastry, cigarette pastry, palace pastry is divided into types such as.

After the people and the region; We come across different varieties such as Indian pastries, Turkish pastries, Bosnian pastries, Albanian pastries, Nemse pastries, Tatar pastries, Circassian pastries, Thessaloniki pastries, Adapazarı pastries, Laz pastries. It is the inner material and shape that gives the biscuits their identity. The full consistency of the inner material increases the flavor ratio regardless of the type of pastry.