Trabzon Black Sea Region

About Trabzon Black Sea

The Black Sea region is known for its abundance of regional dishes as well as for its geographical location.

Flavours from the fresh water of the Black Sea, corn from the fields and other agricultural products make up the cuisine of the Black Sea. Black Sea cuisine is prepared with fresh local produce. Anchovies Fish identified with this region can be cooked as a completely different taste, either individually or in many different ways. His fame with the most natural and beautiful Black Sea with these tours you get the food you eat plenty of turkey more than.

As Turkey’s Black Sea region of the other 6 in the geographical area has its own local delicacies.

From vegetables to meat, from salads to desserts, the Black Sea region distinguishes itself from other regions. In addition to being a general one, each city of the Black Sea Region has its own local specialties. The nature, music and people of the Black Sea are unique.
The geographic structure and climatic conditions of the Black Sea determine the character of the food that is unique in this region.
Corn, beans, kale, local herbs and of course anchovies are among the delicacies of the local cuisine. The Turkish cuisine offers a wide selection of flavors, which are decorated with the unique taste of each region.
For years it has been one of the most delicious aspects of Turkish cuisine with its exquisite delicacies in the Northern Black Sea. It is possible to try many different dishes, from butter patties to anchovies to Laz Halva in the Black Sea.
If you want to try these unique flavors of the Black Sea, it’s time to break your route north.

Let us first remember the cities of the Black Sea Region;

  • Artvin
  • Rize
  • Trabzon
  • Bayburt
  • Gümüşhane
  • Giresun
  • Ordu
  • Tokat
  • Amasya
  • Samsun
  • Sinop
  • Çorum
  • Kastamonu
  • Bartın
  • Karabük
  • Zonguldak
  • Bolu
  • Düzce

Bolu is particularly noticeable in the Black Sea region. Bolus famous chefs who eat local dishes are different. Bolu Kebab is the first regional flavor that comes to Bolu’s mind. Here are the local dishes of the Black Sea region.

Local food of the Black Sea region

  • Akçaabat Köftesi
  • Balık Pilakisi
  • Bileki Ekmeği
  • Çökülce (Sakarca) Kızartması
  • Çökülce (Sakarca) Muhlama
  • Etli Kara Lahana Dolması
  • Fasulye Kızartması (Yumurtalı)
  • Fasulye Turşusu
  • Fasulye Turşusu Kavurması
  • Fındık Ezmesi (Acılı)
  • Fındıklı Yufka Tatlısı
  • Hamsi Buğulaması
  • Hamsi diblesi
  • Hamsi Izgara
  • Hamsi Köftesi
  • Hamsi Kuşu
  • Hamsi Tava
  • Hamsi Tuzlaması
  • Hamsili Ekmek
  • Hamsili Pilav
  • Hamsili İcli Tava
  • Hoşkıran Kavurması
  • Isırgan Yağlaşı
  • Kabak Çorbası
  • Kaldirik Kavurma
  • Kara Lahana Çorbası
  • Kara Lahana Diplesi
  • Kara Lahana Haşlaması
  • Karalahana Çorbası (Nohutlu)
  • Karalahana Sarması
  • Katami
  • Keşkek
  • Kuru Yufka Böreği
  • Laz Böreği
  • Löbiye
  • Menevcen Kavurma
  • Mıhlama
  • Mısır Çorbası
  • Mısır Ekmegi
  • Mısır Unu Helvası
  • Mısır Yağlaşı
  • Mısır Yarmalı Aş Sarması
  • Otlu Hamsili Ekmek
  • Palamut Balığı Köftesi
  • Palamut Fırında
  • Pallobye
  • Pezik Mücveri
  • Pırasa Tursusu Kızartması
  • Pırasa Turşusu
  • Taze Bezelye Kayganası
  • Trabzon Kıymalısı
  • Trabzon Peynirlisi
  • Yufka Böğregi
  • Yumurtalı Fasulye Kızartması
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Trabzon Black Sea Region Culinary Kitchen Menu

Hamsili pilav (Anchovy rice): Anchovy rice recipe is one of the most delicious dishes of the Black Sea region. With the anchovy rice recipe, which adds a new touch to Pilava, you give your meals a different taste.

Akçaabat köftesi (Akçaabat meatballs): The most important feature distinguishing Akçaabat meatballs from other meatballs is that the meat used to make the meatballs comes from calves bred in the region’s natural environment and highlands with a unique filoruga.

Karalahana Çorbası (Soup with black cabbage): Kale, also known as winter vegetables, is grown in our country mainly in the Black Sea. Known for its soup, this food is also used in rice and salads. Because it is rich in vitamin C, it is one of the recommended foods for heart patients.

Fasulye diblesi (Green beans Dible): Karadeniz’in incisi Giresun’a özgü yemeklerden olan fasülye diblesi farklı pişirme yöntemi bildiğimiz sulu fasülye yemeğine farklı bir bakıştır. Yeşil fasülye sevenlerin tereddütsüz yiyebileceği fasülye diblesi tarifine yazımızdan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Hamsi köftesi (Anchovies meatballs): Anchovy meatballs are a very popular dish in the Black Sea region. Many types of anchovies are produced. But anchovy dumplings are a different flavours. It’s another dish that everyone should try. This dish, which is very popular in the Black Sea region.

Hinkal ( Etli Mantı ) (Hinkal Ravioli with meat): Hıngal, which differs from ravioli in its excellent form and regeneration, is served in separate containers with yoghurt and vinegar and cooked in water as a traditional food form. Apple cider vinegar is preferred. Hıngal is eaten by immersion in prepared sauces.

Kabak sütlacı (Pumpkin Rice Pudding): A simple and delicious recipe from the Rize region. If you like dairy desserts and know about pumpkin, a simple and delicious rice pudding awaits you.

Çerkez tavuğu (Circassian chicken): Circassian Chicken, a Circassian appetizer, is made in two varieties: flour and walnut. The type made from flour is known as sip. Walnut oil is extracted from walnut oil in bronze mortars for a long time.

Pepeçura tatlısı (Pepeçura-Dessert): The purple color of this dessert, which is a recipe for the eastern Black Sea and made from fragrant grapes, fascinates everyone. We have explained the details of Pepeçuran, which should be tasted by those who want to have different tastes in their kitchen.

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