Ispanaklı Gül Böreği – Rose Pastry with Spinach

Ispanaklı Gül Böreği – Rose Pastry with Spinach Recipe

Ispanaklı Gül Böreği – Rose Pastry with Spinach Recipe: How to make delicious Rose Pastry?

You should try this delicious pastry recipe that wins the recognition of those who love it. A delicious cake that accompanies your teas for breakfast and combines with the taste and benefits of spinach. You can also opt for five teas that must have this beautiful recipe in your recipe books. Do not miss this nice recipe, where you can prepare potato sini with cheese sini.

Rose Pastry
First wash the spinach and leave it on the edge for a while. When the onions are pink, add finely chopped spinach and sauté together. We continue the sorting process until the water is absorbed and absorbed. Add salt to the heat. Cool after a while, we put the quark in the mortar and mix it. Add a cup of water to the remaining oil in a bowl and prepare it. We get 4 equal triangles by cutting each of the dough’s in the middle and then cutting them again in the middle. We will have a total of 12 triangular dough’s. Using a brush, apply a water-oil mixture to the dough and place it in the mortar for the most part. So we get a thin roll. Then we roll this roll in from one end to the inside and wrap it in the oil-water mixture. We carry out the same process for all baked goods. Grease the tray with margarine. We cook in a preheated 180 degree oven until red.


  • 3 pieces of dough
  • 1/2 (half) kg of spinach and finely chopped
  • 1 bowl of cottage cheese
  • 1 onion with medium onion starch
  • 1 tea glass of oil (or corn oil)
  • Salt
  • 1 egg yolk on top
  • black seed – sesame


Knead a very soft dough that does not stick to the dough ingredients. If necessary, add some flour. Roll over 8 towels, cover and let rest for 1 hour Fry the onion and olive oil. Add the remaining ingredients and cook and let cool until the resuscitation has disappeared. Open each cloth as thin as possible on a light baking plate. Brush with oil and divide into four parts. Spread the long part of each triangle out of the mortar and roll and wrap it. Wrap it in a spiral like a rose and place it in the baking paper tray. Apply extra oil. Bake in a preheated 200 degree oven until golden brown Good Appetite.