Gaziantep Southeastern Region

About Gaziantep Southeastern Anatolia

It is the region where the most intensive gurgling organizations in our country take place, and it is well known that foreign restaurateurs attach great importance to the cuisine of Southeastern Anatolia.
Southeastern cuisine, wheat and bulgur are the most commonly used ingredients. Pulses such as chickpeas, lentils and rice are also widely available. Dairy products and red meat are other important culinary ingredients of the region. Mutton is more preferable than red meat.

These foods are mixed with various spices, sharp and pasty ingredients and a wide variety of dishes are prepared. Regional cuisine kebab in Turkey has symbolized with raw meat and lahmacun. Meat & Bulgurlu meatballs, kebabs, soups, meat dishes are sumptuous dishes of regional cuisine. As Turkey Southeast Anatolia 6 other geographical region has its unique local flavours. From vegetables and meats to salads and desserts, the Southeast Anatolia region is different from other regions. Each city in Southeast Anatolia is not only general, but also has its own regional specialties.

Livestock is one of the most important livelihoods in Southeastern Anatolia. This has led to widespread consumption of meat products in the regional kitchen. The skewers are made in Southeastern Anatolia because the taste of Turkey spreads almost everywhere. Kebabs are seasoned with meat, spices and spicy-acid mixtures and cooked mostly on charcoal fire. Meat cooked as a kebab is used as ground beef and as flakes.

Let us first remember the cities of Southeast Anatolia;

  • Şırnak
  • Siirt
  • Batman
  • Mardin
  • Diyarbakır
  • Şanlıurfa
  • Adıyaman
  • Gaziantep
  • Kilis

Diyarbakir and Gaziantep come to the fore in the Southeast Anatolia region. Diyarbakır is the first local flavor that comes to mind with watermelon and kebab dishes. Here are the regional dishes of the Southeast Anatolia region.

Local food of the Southeastern Anatolia region

  • Üzlemeli pilav
  • Elma aşı
  • Külünçe
  • Ezme kebabı
  • Kıymalı Semsek
  • Tepsi kebabı
  • Peynirli helva
  • Palıza
  • İçli köfte
  • Alaca çorba
  • Dolma
  • Dövme aşı
  • Ekşili tüylü acur
  • Lahmacun
  • Baklava
  • Dolama
  • At elması turşusu
  • Zingil
  • Sembüsek
  • Dobo
  • Ekşili köfte
  • Kaburga dolması
  • Bumbar
  • Perde pilav
  • Hindi dolması
  • İçli köfte
  • Keklik kebabı
  • Künefe
  • Makbule kapama
  • Kağıt kebabı
  • Soğuk mezeler
  • Peynirli irmik helvası
  • Aşür döğme
  • Hettüş
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Southeastern Anatolia Region Culinary Kitchen Menu

Soğan kebabı (Onion kebabi): There are many types of kebabs in our country, one of which is the onion kebab produced in the Gaziantep region. As the name suggests, onion skewers of onions are used as lamb mince.

Ali Nazik (Ali Nazik): Alinazik comes from the Ottoman era and is one of the most popular eggplant dishes. It is possible to make recipes with Alinazik kebab, diced meat, minced meat or diced meat.

Hünkar beğendi (Sultan’s Delight): Hünkar is a very tasty dish with a story that was enjoyed. There is also a story about Hünkar Beğendi, including Sultan Abdülaziz and Napoleon. One of the basic requirements for people who love eggplant dishes is the happy taste.

Şiveydiz (Şiveydiz food): Şiveydiz is a Gaziantep dish made with fresh garlic and lamb. It has a slightly sour taste because it has a decent juice. It reveals the mild taste of fresh garlic compared to dry garlic.

Pirpirim salatası (Pirpirim salad): The origin of the word Pirpirim is Armenian, but also known as Purslane. Pirpirim salad can be your savior especially for meals where you want to eat light. Since purslane has many advantages, we should not be confused with pirpirim salad.

Bezelye aşı (Pea vaccine): Although there are differing views on the pea family’s homeland, the common belief is that peas are unique in the region between the Middle East and Central Asia.

Anali Kizli Corba (Girl With Mom Soup): When the soup is mentioned, the running water stops, but it is a few leaps from the broth. This delicious taste, also known as Anali Lamb Ulu, which includes meatballs, chickpeas and pieces of meat, is part of our Adana region.

Varakkaak (Varakkaak Dessert): Varakkaak is a famous sweet variety that offers only Siirt. If you have lost this taste, we recommend that you try the recipe or go to Siirt and eat this dessert. The presence of molasses and refined sugar in varakkaak desserts is a very healthy alternative to today’s desserts.​

Sumak şerbeti (Sumac sherbet): Sumac, whose Latin name is Rhus Coriaria, is also known in our country as the “Painter Sumac”. In the north of the Arabian Peninsula, the leaves of the sumac plant growing in India, southern Europe and Anatolia are collected in summer and dried in bundles.

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