Erzurum Eastern Anatolia Region

About Erzurum Eastern Anatolia

The richness of Turkish cuisine is also evident in eastern Anatolia. The Eastern Anatolian cuisine, which is particularly noticeable with meat dishes and dessert varieties, is the province of Erzurum with the first known Cag kebab. In Erzincan, a cold province, food is still being dried and roasted by people living in rural areas due to climatic conditions. Animal husbandry products are also stored in squares in the region where livestock farming is carried out.

Our country has one of the richest cultures of eastern Anatolia, both pieces of both colors, adding a whole new way of life to Turkey. The least populated region offers a rich selection of regional delicacies. The region of Eastern Anatolia, which has improved particularly in the area of bakery and meat dishes, includes within its borders 14 provinces.

Erzincan, famous for its Tulum cheese, comes first in Eastern Anatolia. Another famous food from Erzincan is pan leblebisi.
Tulum cheese is an important source of income for the province by exporting abroad.

Since Turkey is also 6 other geographic regions East Anatolia is located in the unique local flavours.

From vegetables to meat to salads and desserts, the region of Eastern Anatolia differs from other regions. Every city in eastern Anatolia is not only general but also has its own local specialties.

Let us first remember the cities in Eastern Anatolia;

  • Ardahan
  • Kars
  • Iğdır
  • Ağrı
  • Van
  • Hakkari
  • Bitlis
  • Muş
  • Erzurum
  • Erzincan
  • Tunceli
  • Bingöl
  • Elazığ
  • Malatya

Erzurum is well known in eastern Anatolia. Cag Kebab is the first regional flavor I can think of when talking about Erzurum. Here are the regional dishes of the region of Eastern Anatolia.

Local food of the Eastern Anatolia region

  • Cağ Kebabı (Erzurum)
  • Murtağa (Van)
  • Karışık Kuru Dolması (Malatya)
  • Kapama (Elazığ)
  • Piti (Kars)
  • Ekşili Malhuta Çorbası (Tunceli)
  • Fasulye Yaprağı Köftesi (Malatya)
  • Erzincan Lokumu
  • Şalgam Dolması (Erzurum)
  • Ekşili Kabak Dolması (Malatya)
  • Ekşili Dolma (Erzurum)
  • Erzincan Çorbası
  • Malatya Pilavı
  • Kiraz Yaprağı Köftesi (Malatya)
  • Malatya Etli Tavası
  • Van Pastası (Van)
  • Erzurum Ketesi
  • Çiriş Pilavı (Van)
  • Şirince Tatlısı (Kars)
  • Gebel Aşı Çorbası
  • Kelecoş (Van)
  • Kuzu Etli Pilav (Kars)
  • Erişte Aşı (Kars)
  • Katmer (Kars)
  • Tandırda Kaz Çekmesi (Kars)
  • Yapraklı Mantı (Kars)
  • Ekşili Et (Kars)
  • Erişte Pilavı (Kars)
  • Hangel (Kars)
  • Nohutlu Sıyırma Kabak Musakkası (Aşkale Erzurum)
  • Zibilli Pilav (Iğdır)
  • Bozbaş (Iğdır)
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Food is one of the most important symbols of Turkish identity. The amazingly rich and varied Turkish cuisine is one of the best known in the world and a blend of Turkish, Mediterranean, Greek, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Balkan and Central Asian cuisine. Different geographic regions of Turkey have very different landscape and climate characteristics.

Eastern Anatolia Region Culinary Kitchen Menu

Aşotu çorbası (Aşotu Soup): Bulgur, splitting, tarhana, noodles and tattoos are most commonly consumed in the Erzurum kitchen as they are used in the ashot kitchen. That’s why their food is very nutritious and satisfying. In the following recipe you can prepare an Asotu soup for your guests and relatives.

Kaburga Dolmasi (Stuffed Ribs): Stuffed ribs is a foodstuff typical of the city of Diyarbakır in the Southeastern Anatolia region. A taste that you should definitely try when you drive to Diyarbakır.

Ciğer taplemesi (Ciğer köftesi) (Liver waffle (liver patties)): The recipe belongs to the region Bitlis. In Konya, the same food should be made in a different way. Bulgur is often used locally in many dishes, especially in İçli köfte. Buryan, Ayran vaccine, Pickle vaccine da-corti vaccine – again from the different tastes of the region. Original name liver worship.

Piti kebabı (Bozbaş) (Piti kebab (Bozbasi)): The Piti kebab, which is produced in all the cities of eastern Anatolia, but is known to belong to Kars, is also referred to as Bozbaş. This dish, made from flaked meat and chick-pea grains placed on the dough, consists of only five ingredients.

Bükmeli sırın (Twisted glaze): It is a court that belongs to Elazığ and its region. There are 150 dishes in the Elazig kitchen. Elazig Turkey and the region is happy to consume their meals. It is one of the most famous flavors of Elazig cuisine, which contains quite a few and different flavours.

Dilim dolma (Slice Stuffed): Slice Dolma court belongs to Elazığ and its region. There are 140 dishes in the Elazig kitchen. Elazig Turkey and the region is happy to consume their meals. Dilim Dolma is one of the most famous flavors of Elazığ cuisine, which includes many different flavours.

Zeytinyağlı elma dolması (Stuffed apples with olive oil): An olive oil filled apple for those who want to combine sweet and salty with a delicious taste and enjoy the table! Taste this healthy and unknown flavor and delight your loved ones with stuffed apples with olive oil.

Gül tatlısı (Rose dessert):The rose dessert is one of the most popular desserts for lovers of pastries and sorbets, because it is prepared very practical, looks very nice and has a great flavour.​

Erzincan lokumu (Erzincan Turkish Delight): Erzincan Turkish Delight is a delicious regional flavor between cake and biscuits. You can prepare this delicious, mouth-scattered dish to serve your guests tea or coffee.

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