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Choices your Turkish Culinary

The Turkish cuisine is one of the greatest treasures that have existed for centuries and have an Ottoman heritage for Turks. The Turkish cuisine, which varies depending on the region, can be divided into categories such as Black Sea cuisine, Marmara cuisine, Aegean cuisine, South Anatolian and East Anatolian cuisine. Each region has its own unique taste treasures and each region has gold materials. Anchovies, maize flour and hazelnuts are among the most popular foods in the Black Sea cuisine, while wheat, bulgur and red meat are among the most popular food sources in the Southeastern cuisine.

Soup, which is one of the indispensable food categories of Turkish cuisine, is also useful because it prepares the stomach to start the meal. Especially the soups, which are indispensable in the winter months, are an indispensable part of the tables. The most popular soups in Turkish cuisine are lentil soup, tarhana soup, ezogelin soup and yoghurt soup.

Meat dishes are the nuts and bolts of Turkish cuisine. Meat used in every region is also a very strong source of protein. Meat dishes can be divided into kebabs, cookware and meatballs. Bursa kebab, Adana kebab and Urfa kebab are among the famous kebab varieties. Some of the country’s most popular and consumed meatballs are Tekirdag Meatballs, Inegol Meatballs and Akçaabat Meatballs. Cookware is usually offered in private homes and artisan restaurants. The best examples of juicy meat dishes, paper kebab, casseroles and stew. Chicken and fish are often consumed as white meat.

Turkey in the Aegean region consume in all regions but are more consumed and enjoyed in other food category of olive oil. The Aegean Sea is famous for its olive oil and known for its light olive oil dishes. The Aegean region, which due to the fact that it is a coastal area, consumes a lot of vegetables, also offers unique, beautiful natural beauties.

Vegetarian: There are very few vegetarian dishes in the world that are unique to Turkish cuisine. Turkey has relaxed the facilities a bit more about her. Cow milk-free ice cream. Maple syrup is also available instead of honey, but it is also four times more expensive.

For vegans, yogurt and mayonnaise are the hardest to find. It will be very stressful for vegans to look for yoghurt in markets and in shops. Instead of buying a yogurt machine, you can make your own yogurt in your own home. In addition, these machines are available at very reasonable prices.

Seafood: Seafood plays an important role in determining the culinary customs of different nations in Istanbul during the Ottoman period. You sit down with pleasure against the sea on a table, while fresh air fills your lungs and equips your table with fresh seafood. Squid, Oysters, Fish, Crabs, Prawns … whatever you want, in the most delicious form presented to you. From the first fork, happiness begins to circulate in your veins. For example, salting, drying or marinating seafood is one of the most popular appetizers served in various taverns in Istanbul. While some sultans regularly bring seafood to the palace, most menus also contain seafood other than fish such as oysters, lobsters, and shrimp.
And here you can learn more about Turkish Culinary Cuisine with all the food names, for vegetarians, meat dishes, seafood and desserts.

Here you can see the culinary kitchens of Turkey

Turks also love vegetable dishes. Many dishes of Turkish cuisine, which are carefully seasoned with herbs, are known. We can definitely say that Turkish food is the tastiest with lots of carefully prepared plants.
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