Cooking Students

Cooking Students, There is a course for everyone whether for pleasure or profession

Cooking has come out of an obligatory time at home and has become a hobby for many people. Those who want to cook in the kitchen like professional chefs who say, “I love macaroons, why not?” Inquire about different course alternatives. There are even those who are changing their temperament into a new profession.

We put together food courses for you in every province in Turkey. In the different cities even in the small towns. We started in Istanbul, Izmir, Central Anatolia, West Anatolia. We have included organizations that do this job stably.

A week-long program in which you will learn the techniques and secrets of the kitchen, from cutting techniques to knives, local kitchens and gourmet kitchens that form the basis of the kitchen, is waiting for you. At the end of the program you will have a certificate of reminder to participate in the memory, you will learn and use more than 10 recipes and you will have the opportunity to meet and work with specialist chefs.

Course content
  • Using knife and cutting techniques.
  • Sauces and applications from Turkey.
  • Menus prepared with red meat, vegetables and fish.
  • Menus prepared with poultry
  • Menus prepared with seafood
  • Turkish Ottoman cuisine.
  • Traditional Anatolian cuisine.