Cooking Masters

Cooking Master, What is a cook, who is called a cook

The cook is a qualified person who is authorized to produce and prepare food suitable for hygiene and health conditions using kitchen tools, equipment and appliances. Source: What is a cook, what does he do, how should he be, what are the work areas.

Obligations of the cooks
During the preparation of the dishes, it is checked whether the required ingredients are in order and fresh.
• Describes to the assistant cook how the necessary ingredients for cooking are prepared.
• Place the material in a pot or caravan according to the recipe.
• Place the food in the oven and the stove to cook it according to its type (eg olive oil, meat).
• Prepare the dishes on the a la carte list in the kitchen and decorate them if necessary.
• Destroys food that is not consumed in time.
• It carries out maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen, the tools and equipment used.
• It creates the list of dishes to be prepared the next day and orders the necessary ingredients.

How can I be a cook? and those who want to be.Food, beverage, taste and smell sensation developed, artisanal, able to produce new products, open for innovations, clean, meticulous, responsible, careful, practical, regular, susceptible to the use of tools and devices, able Making quick decisions and making business organizations must have strong communicative and social aspects.

We do not offer cook training, we only work with cooks. This work is very good cooks we have people who know the local taste of Turkey. And to teach our guests (our customers), explain the Turkish kitchen culture and try the taste. Each country has its own food culture. The climate, geography, fruits and vegetables that were grown in the region had an impact on the different development of food culture.
In addition to physical factors, religious and cultural factors affect the different development of food culture. While there is a vegetable and meat kitchen in France, olive oil dishes are more common in the Mediterranean countries.
Animals such as insects, grasshoppers, etc. that we do not dare to eat may be consumed in the Far Eastern kitchen. With the spread of globalization, different tastes of world cuisine have become increasingly popular.
When cooking, we observe that the combination of different cultures creates new cultures.