Antalya Mediterranean Region

About Antalya Mediterranean

Antalya is generally a Mediterranean climate. However, it shows terrestrial climate characteristics in the inner parts. Therefore, all kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown. Greenhouse cultivation especially in the western districts shows that there is no problem in terms of vegetables.
The vast majority of people, especially in rural areas, are engaged in farming. Therefore, he raises his own food. Although the majority of the people living on the shore are vegetables, the people in the interior grow more cereals. Herb-based Cretan dishes are a distinctive feature of Antalya.
Goat fattening is more developed due to the fact that the vegetation is composed of dwarf shrubs. Sheep are grown partially in the inner parts. The development of animal husbandry increases the place and value of animal products in nutrition.
Tastes Specific to the Mediterranean Region unique local flavors of the Mediterranean region as well as Turkey’s geographical area is located in another 6. From the vegetable dish to the meat dish, from salads to desserts, the Mediterranean Region distinguishes itself from other regions. In addition to being general, each city of the Mediterranean Region has its own regional cuisine.

Let’s remember the cities of the Mediterranean Region first
  • Burdur
  • Isparta
  • Antalya
  • Mersin
  • Adana
  • Kahramanmaraş
  • Osmaniye
  • Hatay

In the Mediterranean Region, especially Adana and Hatay come to the fore. Adana Kebap is the first regional taste that comes to mind when Adana is mentioned. Hatay Künefed is the first regional taste that comes to mind when it comes to Hatay. Here are the local dishes of the Mediterranean Region.

Local Foods of the Mediterranean Region

  • Mahluta çorbası
  • Çakıldaklı çorba
  • Toğga çorbası
  • Tirşik çorbası
  • Gülgas
  • Baba Hannuş
  • Fıstıklı Köfte
  • Mercimekli köfte
  • İçli köfte
  • Etli kömbe
  • Kısır
  • Kelle paça
  • Batırık
  • Antakya Böreği
  • Künefe
  • İrmik Helvası
  • Kuşkonmaz Çorbası
  • Tahinli Antalya Piyazı
  • Radika Salatası
  • Bal Kabağı Dolması
  • Kahramanmaraş Tarhanası
  • Minbar (mumbar)
  • Dondurma


Antalya Mediterranean Region Tour

3 Day tour

This trip offers some of the key highlights of each destination, with a focus on local and regional culinary specialties. Please see all details.

Antalya Mediterranean Region Culinary Kitchen Menu

Testi kebabı (kebab cooked in a sealed):In this kitchen, which is formed around olive oil, which defines the general outline of the kitchen, meat has a wide place as well as vegetables. The number of dishes made with lamb is quite high.

Patlıcanlı ekşili çorba (Sour soup with eggplant): Sour soup with eggplant is one of the interesting dishes of Maraş cuisine. It is different from the soups we know because of the variety of the ingredients. Actually, it’s kind of a main course.

Zeytinyağlı kuru dolma (Dry stuffed with olive oil): How to make stuffed with olive oil? It comes to mind among the recipes that are curious. One of the tastes that decorate the table is the olive oil and stuffed with dry stuff. Dolma stuffed with olive oil is one of the most preferred dishes, although it is also troublesome to make, which many people enjoy.

Ezme kebap (Mash kebab): It is wondered how to make mash kebab which has been replaced in the tables recently. As a visual feast, crushed kebab is also preferred as the number one dish for those who try it with its flavour.

İç baklalı bulgur pilavı (Bulgur rice with inner bean): One of the flavours that decorate the table is bulgur pilaf with inner beans. Bulgur pilaf with inner beans, which is a favorite food consumed by everyone, draws attention with its practical construction.

Gazel böreği (Spring rolls): Burdur’un eşsiz lezzetlerinden olan Gazel Böreği ile misafirlerinizi şaşırtın. Pratik yapımı ve iştah açan görüntüsü ile Gazel Böreği, misafirlerinizin kendilerini değerli hissetmelerini sağlayacaktır.

Kaymaklı künefe (Creamy Kunefe): A different and creative flavour of the Hatay region, the creamy künefe is popular not only in Hatay but in many other regions. Creamy künefe is a great dessert to eat after meals.

Samsa tatlısı (multi-flaked pastry dessert): Samsa Dessert is one of the desserts of Isparta Province on the list of Mediterranean Region Foods. The dessert is actually made from the dough that is opened by hand. But the dough that is opened by hand is slightly different from the dough for baklava.

Gül reçeli (Rose jam): When winter is approaching, you can make sure you miss the beautiful summer days in your home with the pleasant scent of rose petals that you have prepared for the jam you cannot get enough to eat.

Antalya Mediterranean Region Tour

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