Aegean and Villages Taste & Culture Tour

Aegean and Villages Taste & Culture Tour

We are visit IzmirYeniçarohoriŞeytan SofrasıCundaAyvalıkAssosKazdağları, BozcaadaAyazmaAssosBehramkaleYeşilyurtAdatepeÇeşme, GermiyanIldırBarbarosUrlaSığacıkSeferihisarŞirince.

We will take you from Izmir airport. And we take the minivan towards Ayvalik. Our first stop is Yeniçarohori (Küçükköy).
Upon arrival in the village where the Greek and Bosnian people used to live, we will have our tea in the village square. After our walk and photo tour in the village, where there are many art studios today, we visit the (Şeytan Sofrası) Devil’s Table. After enjoying the view of this hill with the most beautiful view of the Aegean Sea and taking beautiful landscape photos, move to our restaurant on the island of Cunda (Ali Bey). After our special lunch with seafood in Cunda we have free time in the center of the island. Our guests who would like to spend 3 Rahmi free time in very different works in the Koç Museum in Turkey can visit the Rahmi Koc Museum. After your free time, move to Assos. Settlement and leisure in our hotel in the village of Kayalar at the foot of the Kazdağları near Assos. Dinner and accommodation in Kayalar Village.

After breakfast at the hotel, move to Geyikli to move to Bozcaada. We take the ferry from Geyikli to Bozcaada. Don’t be surprised that the center has such a big castle in a small city air. The magnificence of Bozcaada Castle tells of the rich history of the island. Coffee houses, taverns and past taverns now serve as tourist restaurants, cafes and shops. If you are an accomplished traveler, exploring Bozcaada, where you will get to know new tastes, will give you another pleasure. On our tour in Bozcaada we move to Ayazma Beach after leisure to taste the unique taste of the island and take photos. Free time for the pleasure of the sea after a meal in our restaurant on Ayazma beach. In the afternoon we will move to our meeting at Bozcaada Pier and return to Ankara at the time set by our guide. After our ferry ride you will reach Geyikli and drive to Assos. We drive from the village of Behramkale to the acropolis of the ancient city of Assos, which has a pleasant atmosphere with its narrow streets and its warm atmosphere. Here the 5th century BC. We see the Temple of Athena dated. You will be fascinated by the wonderful view of the Aegean Sea. You can see the island of Lesbos, the third largest island in Greece. After the Acropolis trip we give free time in the village center. Return to our hotel after free time. Dinner and accommodation.

We leave our hotel after breakfast in the hotel. Our first stop is the village of Yeşilyurt. After our walk in this village, which is surrounded by almond trees on the outskirts of Kazdağları, a few kilometers from the beach and where there are the most beautiful examples of stone architecture, we will go to the village square where it was once in Greek Population was alive, taking a tea and photo break. The historic mosque on the square of this village, which is a complete Aegean city, attracts attention with its architecture. The Adatepe Village in Kazdağları, our next stop after our tour of the Yeşilyurt Village. After our arrival in Adatepe and the walk on the cobblestone streets, we will have our tea in the coffeehouse in the village square. After our photo break, we visit the Adatepe Olive Oil Museum, which is still actively used in olive oil production. Here we have the opportunity to see the tools for making soap and olive oil. Afterwards, the restored stone school of an old village school will be another visiting station. Departure from this beautiful North Aegean village to the historic Sabunhane Cafe & Restaurant where we will have lunch. After lunch with local delicacies, we move to Çeşme. Billing in our hotel in Çeşme.After dinner in the hotel we take a tour of the center of Çeşme. Accommodation in Çeşme.

After breakfast in the hotel we leave our hotel for our tour of the villages of Izmir. Our first stop is Turkey’s first slow food, which has the title of a village in Germiyan. The streets of Germiyan, a village in Çeşme, became a painting with the villagers’ brushes. After our walk and photo tour of the streets of this village, we will try the plum juice and sugar biscuits in the village’s authentic house cafe and decorate them with antiques. Our next stop is Ildır Village. The village of Ildır, where many Turkish films and TV series are made, is a cute fishing village. Ildır, formerly known as Erythrai, has been home to many Aegean civilizations. According to the philosopher Plato, Erythrai is the address of the most beautiful sunset that can be seen on earth. You cannot come and go to Ildır without trying the famous bite dessert. Our next stop is Barbaros Village. The village, which is located near the Urla district of İzmir and also on the Urla Bağ Yolu route, has given its name to the Barbaros Hollow Festival (scarecrow). On our tour of the streets of the village we have the opportunity to see the colorful scarecrows of the villagers during the festival and to take photos. After our Barbaros village tour we move to Urla, our last stop. Our first stop in Urla is the restaurant where we will have lunch. After lunch with Aegean herbs, we visit Urla Art Street and Magaca Market.  Return to Cesme after free time for shopping. In the afternoon you have time to swim and swim to Ilıca Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Çeşme. Departure at the time specified by our evening guide and departure for dinner in Alaçatı Dem Meyhanesi. Return to the hotel after our special dinner. Accommodation in Çeşme.

Departure to Seferihisar after breakfast at the hotel. first in Turkey Residents City (Cittaslow) title field is a quiet fishing village on the coast of Seferihisar, then our tour will take place in the panorama of the city in Seferihisar, now Sığacık. Sığacık Castle and Port are among the places we will see during our tour. After our special lunch with seafood in the port of Sığacık you move to the village of Şirince via Gümüldür. During our tour in Sirince, an ancient Greek village, we had the opportunity to visit the historic buildings with authentic architecture and to taste the regional fruit wines. Meeting at the time determined by our guide and meeting at the time determined by our guide and transfer to the airport.

What is included

  • All transfer and transport services specified in the program
  • All tours specified in the program
  • 2 nights hotel half board accommodation in Assos Kayalar village
  • 2 nights Çeşme accommodation including breakfast
  • Lunch at the Cunda Sahil restaurant
  • Lunch in the Bozcaada restaurant
  • Lunch at the Adatepe Cafe & Restaurant
  • Dinner is taken at the Çeşme Hotel or Restaurant
  • Lunch in the Urla restaurants
  • Dinner in Alaçatı Meyhanesi
  • Lunch in the Sığacık restaurants
  • Professional tour guide and services
  • Travel insurance
  • Minivan & Bus

What is not included

  • Museum, ruins entrance fees and all personal expenses.
  • All services that are not included in the price, special orders that are not specified in the menu details and all drinks.
  • Any tips to guide
  • Driver or staff at hotels
  • Items of a personal nature.
  • Drinks with meals (except the drinks served with breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and medical services.

Tour Notes

  • Our tour guide has the right to change the schedule of the tour, provided he does not change the content if he considers it necessary.
  • Our tour is a boutique and limited to a maximum of 15 people.
  • 25% of the tour price must be paid for a final reservation.
  • Our agency cannot be held responsible for changes in flight times, delays, flight cancellations and delays that may occur due to technical problems with the aircraft.
  • For the meals on the menu, warm dishes and starters for 4 people are served in addition to the main course.

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